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  • "Stop Overthinking, Create Calm "

    I help young adults going through a significant life change who are feeling uncertain, worried, and overwhelmed find joy in their life again.

    My clients struggle like you do. Despite being driven to accomplish their goals, understanding, and patient with those around them, and bring creativity into their life, they have a hard time trusting their gut.

    When they first come in, they feel defeated, uncertain of their next step, and not good enough. They worry that they are failing their loved ones and struggling internally with conflicting feelings. They oscillate between the urge to go after their dreams and staying put because that feels safer than the fear of failing. If friends or family ask about their plans they feel ashamed of sharing their true selves in fear of disappointing anyone. They constantly rethink their decision of moving forward in their life, worrying that they have made a big mistake.

    Their overthinking gets in the way of the life they want in so many ways. They are not the kind of friend or partner they want to be. They feel like they are failing their loved ones. And their confidence in this new phase of life is crumbling.

    Before they came to see me, they thought they would “snap out of it”, but that was not happening. They worried their concerns were not worth sharing with anyone because others have it worse. And they were pretty certain they would not be truly joyful and excited about life again.

    Like my clients, you deserve to live a life of joy and confidence. Feeling confident in your decisions that speak to what makes you happy is not out of reach. If you want to embrace this phase of your life and make the most of it, I would love to help you get there. Call now.

    Hi! My name is Danielle. I am a lover of metaphors and use them often in my own life and with clients. I started hand embroidery as a winter craft last year and love the feeling of finishing a piece and seeing the creative transformation. Fridays are my favorite; the end of the week and the excitement of the weekend awaits! Which usually means curling up on the couch with a good book or Netflix series.