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  • Online Counseling

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    I provide online counseling to individuals living in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Online counseling has been the go to option for mental health support to encourage social distancing and slow the spread of COVID19. But it has also been found to be an effective alternative to in person therapy.

    • No worrying about getting stuck in traffic on the way to a session
    • The comfort and security of being in your own space
    • Inclement weather
    • Illness of you or someone in your family that prevents you from getting to an in person session

    Online counseling alleviates so many barriers. It is similar to FaceTime or another video call platform, but online counseling with me is through an easy to use, secure HIPPA compliant platform.

    Things To Keep In Mind

    So we can make the most out of our time together


    Through the use of a secure, HIPAA compliant platform, our sessions remain confidential. Find a space that has minimal distractions, and is private (a.k.a not in your kitchen while a friend or partner is making dinner in the background). The use of headphones can be helpful to reduce the concern if others are nearby and you do not want them to hear the context of what is being discussed.

    Technical Difficulties

    Technology is awesome, but just like humans, it is not perfect. Technical difficulties happen, but communicating about them can help alleviate an issue. Make sure you are connected to the internet. Let me know if you have issues with the connection, logging into the session, or anything else related to getting the most out of your session. My job is to help address the stress or anxiety bringing you to therapy in the first place, not add to it with technical difficulties.

    Therapy Space

    Find a space that is comfortable, well lit, and allows you to focus on the session. A helpful hint during your session, have a window or light in front of you, rather than behind you to avoid being backlit. Click the full-screen option to have a full view of the video. It can help you stay focused on the session and allows us to see each other clearly. If viewing your video is distracting or makes you feel self-conscious, you can click the “x” on your video and only see me.